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The Moon is Full and So is My Grief

The moon is amazing tonight.

Full and round. Glowing and gleaming.

Between 1969 and 1972, America landed on that moon six different times.

In those days, this was magic, and every single person watched the show.

Everyone and everything stopped.

We were one, sitting and leaning forward, watching black and white pictures on rabbit-eared topped televisions narrated by Walter Cronkite.

We were one in awe and one in accomplishment.

In between the pictures that came to us from a million far away, the news would show scenes of NASA Mission Control in Houston, Texas.

The camera view was from up high, allowing us to see the rows and rows of screens monitored by rows and rows of men. These were the human compasses that had guided our astronaut heroes in the sky.

My Dad worked at NASA in those days.

His job was to ensure that the world saw those rows and rows of monitors and the rows and rows of men. Without him, we would never have realized our collective connection to the miracle on the moon.

He was so proud of the work he did in those days. To be so young, but to be part of something so shattering to all we thought and knew. Who we were was forever changed.

The moon is amazing tonight.

Full and round. Glowing and gleaming.

My Dad is on that Moon.

He left his body tonight.

He has escaped the captivity of Alzheimer's and he is free again to create and learn and express his soul again.

As he did before the strangle of that awful disease.

He was always about creating and his mind was restless in its constant curiosity and his imagination was endless in how it expressed itself.

Acting. Writing. Woodworking. Photography. Music. Furniture Making. Electronics. Computers. And on and on and on.

He existed to learn and he existed to create. That is my Dad and that is my Dad's soul.

Dear God, he could dream.

I am unsure of when it will come to me. I know he has moved on, but I have never had a day of life without my Dad on this Earth.

I am unsure if I know how to do this.

Dad, I love you. We are linked in a billion ways and I feel every single one of those tonight.

The oldest son of an oldest son. Firstborn of a firstborn. Creators. Dreamers. Proud of our Kids. In love with our Partners.

Enjoy your stroll around the moon and wherever else what is next takes you. Don't worry about things. Pam and Deidra and I will be here for Mom and she will be here for us.

You're finally free.


Your loving and proud but sad son.

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